LED Engine Development

IBL continue to collaborate with long term partners and LED chip manufacturers, CREE. This gives IBL priority access to the next generation of XP-G chips, which instantly give IBL fittings 25% higher output. More importantly, IBL has early access to new product developments from CREE, allowing us to design fittings and optics to suit the changing demands of our clients. This is evident in the development of new IBL engines using CREE’s CXB1310 and CXB1520 high density array. These high density arrays delivery the highest lumen package in the industry for the light emitting surface. IBL has been prototyping this chip in both M50 and M75 engines. This alone will add as many as 200 additional engine/fitting options to the IBL range with optics from wide floods down to narrow beam 12°beam.


IBL has also just finished developing new lens-based COB optics using CREE XHP35 8w chips. This will suit IBL’s most popular M50 footprint and using COB lens-based optics, provide clients with an option for a super narrow 7° beam. This is an industry first. IBL lean heavily on their technical heritage developed over the last 30 years when developing new LED technology.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018