The Farm


The Farm, a weekender residence, designed by Fergus Scott Architecture and lighting design by Electrolight, uses an invisible and intrinsic lighting program to illuminate its interior spaces and merge itself with the surrounding landscape. IBL Lighting was embedded flush into the timber ceilings, allowing the installed downlights to blend in with the architectural design. A DALI control system was also used to give the residents complete control over the illumination of the property, offering task-orientated lighting as well as a more dimmed, intimate setting.

Slot 40

Slot 40

Recess miniature directional 40mm pinhole/slot architectural downlight. Includes high CRI, 2-step McAdam binning and single chip optics. Colour temperature ranges from 2700k – 6000k. Low glare housing. Mounting clips to suit all ceiling types. Features dedicated remote constant current LED driver. Accessories include honeycomb louver and a variety of colour filters. Suits all dimming protocols and conforms to international standards and directives.

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