Terminus Hotel


Melbourne’s Terminus Hotel, recently revamped by the Sand Hill Road group, features a variety of effective IBL Lighting solutions to highlight the varying themes of each area within. Steve McKeag, project architect from Techne, emphasised how “the lighting has an integral role in creating the ambience of each [space].” LED fittings and a CBUS control system were used to achieve this, which allowed consistent lighting levels whilst ensuring minimal power consumption and maintenance.

Can 100

Can 100

IP20 or IP65. Surface mounted LED downlight. High output COB reflector. 2-step McAdam binning, low glare and high CRI. Colour temperatures range from 2700k – 5000k. Accessories include spread lens, honeycomb louvre and a variety of colour filters. Dedicated integral constant current LED driver. Dimming options available. Conforms to international standards and directives. 

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