Product Specific Datatsheets

In September 2017 IBL launched their brand new, revamped website, including a variety of new and exciting features for clients.

One of these features was the new product selection tool. This offers a drop-down menu that allows clients to select specific product criteria, including power options, control, fitting colours, size and CRI. After selecting their criteria, users can add their customised products to a shortlist, allowing clients and designers to compile a list of products for a specific project. This shortlist can then be downloaded and emailed to colleagues, whilst also still containing active links to each of the selected products.

In the last few weeks, IBL has taken this one step further, offering product specific data sheets. Once the user selects their criteria for each product from the drop-down menu, they can then view a customised data sheet that includes all the criteria they selected. These customised data sheets also include the corresponding item number, eliminating any confusion when documents and specifications are issued to third parties. The information remains on the user’s shortlist even after they have logged out and can be edited at any time.

These new features provide a wealth of customisation options for clients and designers, as well as allowing them to streamline the way they select products and their specifications.

Try it out on the products section of our site.

Monday, January 8, 2018